Tuesday, February 17, 2009

That's why Etta James said she was gonna beat yo ass!

man...if he ain't the only reason I watch from G's to Gents, that's for real. His swag is so...mmmm and damn if I'm not a sucka for swag. The dudes this season are crazy. Like Riff Raff?? That dude is bananas for real. Yarn in his braids, like we do that? I like Blue [[somethin about his pretty hazels]] and the dude with the dreads.

Friday the 13th was an awesome movie. I thought it was gonna be another wack horror movie honestly but it was actually good. It had a lot of funny parts and Jason was fast as the feezy. I mean he's always been fast, but he's usually walking. Nah, this nigga was running in the camera. It was crazy. After the beginning credits are finished you'll be like damn that was just the beginning??? So go see that. Oh, and the black guy isn't the 1st to die. Awesome.

And lastly, I leave you with a video.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Broke My Heart

She plays the game with some of the best.
For the perfect woman, this is where it ends, your quest.
But inside she holds a major secret.
Everytime you come around, her heart, it beats quick.
She's a normal chick who just wants to be held at night.
But you're not there so inside its a fight.
Tee Kay Oh, she's about to be down in the 1st round.
He's callin, texting, and in the city so to happen its bound.
You and me weren't official, we decided to wait.
He saw the "single" so he dropped the bait.
It was never sposed to be for too long, it was just for right now.
My feelings involved? Nah, that I could never allow.
But with him I continued to be.
You weren't in the picture and you secretly had your own she.
But she....she could never compare.
The style, the swag, the "it" just wasn't there.
In a shorter time than we planned, back to me you came.
It's all good and dandy, but Mr. Right Now yet remained.
I should have cut it off but my feelings were now playing a part.
The day you both stayed around was the day I broke my own heart.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


You know the rest.
As most of you know, I sing. And I'm good, not to toot my own horn [[toot toot muthafuXXa]]. And as some of you also know, I tried out for American Idol this past summer. They turned me away. Not because I wasn't good enough, but because I was at the end of the line and they were basically just sending the bad people thru to make funny clips at that point. Now, I know ya'll watch the auditions to laugh at the crazy people who audition, but what you don't know is that everybody spent 8+ hours waiting to audtion for a set of producers that you have to impress before you even see Paula, Randy, Simon && whoever that new broad is.
Nigga, that is a full work day! Let me put in perspective how many people audtioned before me....

I know its not the best quality but you get the gosh dern point. That is a lot of people to be sittin behind...I waited some 12 hours..yes TWELVE HOURS for me to get on the floor, sing my heart out, and the old producer broad who was tired as hell by the time she heard me [[spit, I was tired too!!!!!]] tell me that they sent enough good people thru already but that I was really good. All the while, some mediocre chick across the way singing Amy Winehouse gets a pass to go on and meet the 4 judges. Are you kidding me? I KNOW I just sang this chick under the table AND my boobs were bigger than hers!! [[that MIGHT not have mattered but it made me feel a lil better]].
So when you see my fb and myspace status say I'm not watchin AI auditions, or the show this season at all..don't ask me why or say "It's ok, try again next year!" Uhh...you don't even understand how salty watching it makes me. To see all those horrible people they put thru strictly for laughs and think about all the legit people they turned away [[like moi]] because they wanted to get laughs...it makes my blood boil, like real talk! And it didn't help that like 1740283302872 people called me on Tuesday when the 1st auditions came on like, "Are you gonna be on tv??" NO. I'm not gonna be on tv. Don't talk to me about AI. It's politics and I wanna bomb the studios. Call it hatin [[that's what mi madre said haha]] call it whatever you like. All I know is, I can sing most of the people they put thru under the table. Give me until my next post, and I'll prove that for you, because I've done enough talking. [[typing]]. Until next time.
[[for the record, my fav DJ should check my playlist. shout out to you on the 2nd song!]]

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Absence Makes The Heart Grow...Colder?

Raise your hand if you've been in a long distance relationship.
-raises hand-
Now, raise your hand if you believe long distance relationships CAN work.
-raises hand-
Why do people feel like they can't? I mean I know that the normal relationship is hard enough, without adding having to schedule in trips to see somebody but if you feel like he/she is really worth it, why not? Especially if we're talking about neighboring city long distance relationships. I've been in a few long distance relationships...one a Dayton/Cincinnati, one a Dayton/Toledo, && one a Texas/Ohio [[I know, Texas is far as the feezy right?]]. Now, none of them failed because of the distance per say, but inevitably it was probably a factor. Two of the afore mentioned gentlemen cheated on me. [[I love when people think that I'm not gonna find out because you live in a different city/state. You don't know who I know. Believe me, I'll find out. Every time.]] And the 3rd...well he's just selfish. Imagine this. You've been dating for over a year and half. You only stayed in the same city for about 4 months of this whole relationship mind you, even though you had plans on coming back. Once you decided you weren't going back, it was already past a year into the relationship. But all of the sudden the relationship isn't working? I know you had your heart set on us being together in the same city, but if what we have right now is working, and our relationship is still solid, intracity or not, why would you be willing to throw all of that away? I need to do whats best for me. If you can't support me trying to better myself, then do you really love me like you say you do? I supported you when you had a war with your parents and got your silly ass kicked out on the streets...I even found you a place to stay! You say you wanna marry me, but you can't work through another year or so of staying 45-50 minutes away from me? I don't understand. You've already BEEN doing this. So why stop now?
Maybe its because people throw the word "love" around too loosely. I may be 20 but I know how I feel and I know if I'm in love with you or not. I was never that girl "in lust" with someone new every week. If I'm with you, I'm with you and I'm ridin for you. It is what it is. If you're mad because you thought we were gonna be living together, then you need to re-evaluate things brotha. Shoot, cuz if I ever shacked up before I graduated, my parents would surely stop paying my tuition, and I'm cool on that! hahaha. No seriously tho. I mean, if you are only staying an hour away, and you truely love this person, wouldn't you just keep on working it out like you have been for the past year and some? Maybe I just love too hard. I guess thats why the relationship failed.....Until next time.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Personally, I keep very few females in my inner circle. They are grimey, drama-ridden, etc etc etc. So with that, I have a lot of male friends. It's something I bring to the attention of any man that tries to get at me, at the beginning of the courtship. If you can't handle that, then we can't be together. The guys in my life that I say are just friends, are exactly that, just friends. So why is it that people think men and women can't be friends? Why can't I be friends with my ex? He is my past [[PAST]] and the romantic part of our relationship is done and over. There are obviously qualities about him that I liked since I dated him, so if we ended on good terms, why wouldn't I want to remain friends? And why, as my boyfriend, should that bother you? If I put everything out in the open why do you have anything to be worried about? If there are no signs that its anything more than a friendship, what does it matter?

Is it your personal insecurities that make you wary of the other gentleman in my life? Do you not trust me? Or is that you don't trust them....? I always say that if you don't trust them, you don't trust me. I trust them because I'm friends with them, and I feel like they respect our relationship, so that should be enough for you. As a man, do you want to get at every female in your life? And if you did think she was bad when you 1st met her, and you found out she was just cool as hell, you left at that right? So why can't it be the same thing for me?

I just prefer to kick it with men because for the most part they are so laid back. The ones I keep in my life are spectacular and they keep me laughing when I'm sad. They put a finger under my chin and lift my head up when I'm disappointed. They are there to listen when whoever I'm dating pisses me off. Personally, I'm a nigga at heart sometimes. Me and my best friend have always said that about ourselves, especially because we were dummy tomboys in our younger years. We run, hang, and cut people up with the best of them. So I like to be around people who are on my level, and that just happens to be dudes for the most part. I like to get their opinion on things and their perspectives on whats happening with whomever or whatever. Is that a crime? Apparently.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not like you..just like ME

Soooo Jamie Foxx's new song "Just Like Me". Catchy lil tune. I can dig it. But it made me think. I say this all conceitedness aside, the few females I choose to keep around me are bad, and I know that. Listening to this song, just the chorus alone, made me think of my ladies.

You’re just like me
Shorty all up in the club
Popping bottles of that Bud
Giving all them dudes hugs

That last line especially. I mean I can't even count how many times we've gotten mugged because we gave some nigga in the club a hug, like back back lady it ain't even that serious. But I'm sayin all that to say this...to the men in my life...could you REALLY handle a female who's just like you? I mean, men hold women to double standards a lot, and don't even realize it. It's ok for you to look at that chick's ass as she walks by but if I smile at a dude you get mad? No, no my brotha! Me && my girl Champ were havin a convo once about men in our lives who are friends, and they act JUST alike relationship wise. Their problem is that dudes try to get at us all the time and they don't like it, as if we can help that. Her friend went as far to tell her that she's boring, not that bad, and her swag is lame. But he's gettin all emotional on her, mad at her, and STILL tryin to wife her. Why would you get mad if dudes are tryin to get at your girl, as long as it doesn't escalate? Wouldn't you want a bad chick? I mean seriously though, if you think I'm cute, that means someone else will. Its not as if I walk around with a sign on my forehead sayin "get at me!!!" At the same time, females are just as thirsty as dudes these days and try to get at dudes whether they have a girl or not. So I'm gonna get mad because a female thought you were fine, or liked your swag? I KNOW you're fine and I KNOW you have a raw swag cuz I'm with you, talking to you, whatever the case may be. However, if you knew I was in the club or wherever talkin to dudes the way you talk to females when I'm not around would you be ok with that? If I flash "that" smile at a dude the way you drop a line to a chick, would you really be able to handle that? How many men are really ready to handle a chick with game, word swag I like to call it, cuz I don't play games. And with that.....Until next time.

Friday, November 28, 2008

I am getting so hot, I wanna take my robe off

My cousin IMed me yesterday, told me to watch this video. I click on the link, look at the title and I'm like whaaaa? These old ass white people..opening up with Eminem.It's kind of hard to hear in the beginning so turn it up, but the longer the video goes on, the funnier it gets. They hit Outkast [[hey fellas whats colder than bein cold?]] some Pussycat Dolls [[edited version of course, but I wish they would have said the actual version bc it would have been much funnier]] and even a choral version of Chamillionaire and MC Hammer [[can't touch this]]. But the best is the last and final song, Nelly's "Hot in Herre". The proceed to sing the song and...well. Watch it. Until next time.