Tuesday, February 17, 2009

That's why Etta James said she was gonna beat yo ass!

man...if he ain't the only reason I watch from G's to Gents, that's for real. His swag is so...mmmm and damn if I'm not a sucka for swag. The dudes this season are crazy. Like Riff Raff?? That dude is bananas for real. Yarn in his braids, like we do that? I like Blue [[somethin about his pretty hazels]] and the dude with the dreads.

Friday the 13th was an awesome movie. I thought it was gonna be another wack horror movie honestly but it was actually good. It had a lot of funny parts and Jason was fast as the feezy. I mean he's always been fast, but he's usually walking. Nah, this nigga was running in the camera. It was crazy. After the beginning credits are finished you'll be like damn that was just the beginning??? So go see that. Oh, and the black guy isn't the 1st to die. Awesome.

And lastly, I leave you with a video.

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